Seattle, WA (2019)


Arrival Date: 2019-04-07

Departure Date: 2019-04-20

Campground/RV Park: Tall Chief RV and Camping Resort

Reason for Visit: A way point as we make our way to La Push for a month by the ocean.

Good Place to Work: Issaquah Coffee Company has good coffee, plenty of seating, and solid wifi. For some reason new mothers like to come here so it can get pretty loud. They also have an enclosed, heated outdoor area that is pet friendly and house outlets.

We are back in Seattle, well Fall City, on our way back up to La Push. Amanda is off at a bachelorette party in Charleston while Dave and Ozzy hold down the fort at Tall Chief RV Resort. It’s been raining non-stop both in Portland and now here in Seattle. Every now and then the sun pops out for an hour or two but man, this rain is really putting a damp-er on things.


We were lucky enough to have Amanda’s mom Patti make the cross-country trek to join us in Seattle for some quintessential Pike Place and Space Needle action.