Olympic Peninsula, WA


Olympic Peninsula



We made our way from Glacier, MT to Quileute Ocean Resort on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. 

The rules/laws here are more lax since this is Native American reservation land. 4-wheelers are allowed on the beach along with dogs, beach fires, and fireworks. The RV park is essentially on the Pacific Ocean where we can hear the waves all day and night and where MASSIVE drift wood trees lay on the beach.


Fireworks are allowed on the beach at Quileute Ocean Resort between June 15th and July 31st. Like everything, there are some pros and cons. Pros are obvious - you can see a beautiful firework show on any given night. Con is that there can be loud explosions at ANY given time of day during this period. Personally, I thought the pro outweighed the con but if you have small children or don't like loud noises you might disagree. These views are from first beach. 


We waited until our last night to check out 2nd beach. It was absolutely breathtaking. It's a short hike through the woods which adds to the experience. Tent camping and fires are allowed. We didn't do either but definitely on the list of things to do next time we go back.

Some highlights

  1. The views!

  2. Port Angeles is a cute town with plenty of shops and restaurants, many with an ocean view.

  3. Olympic National Park