MT. Hood, OR (2019)


Mt Hood | OR

Arrival Date: 2019-06-02

Departure Date: 2019-06-14

Campground/RV Park: Mt. Hood Village

Reason for Visit: Good spot for Dave to hang out while Amanda enjoys Hawaii

Good Food &|or Drink:

  • Koya Kitchen - Unique Japanese restaurant. Haven’t tried the sushi. Ramen was so-so. Rice bowl was pretty good. Good beer and sake selection and a full bar.

  • El Burro Loco - Oh my! The portions are ginormous and the food is pretty darn good. I recommend the carnitas.

Cool Spots:

  • Burnt Lake Trail - This is a somewhat rigorous hike that’s about 7.5 miles with around 2,000 feet in elevation gain. Mountain lakes are always cool and there are campsites around the lake. I only saw 2 people the whole time I hiked this trail.

  • Wildwood Recreation Site - If you’re looking for a tame stroll with some educational info this is a relaxing place to explore. There’s an underwater viewing chamber along the Cascade Streamwatch Trail. It’s essentially an 8 foot aquarium wall built into the side of a stream where you can see fish in their natural habit. Pretty cool idea although it was a little disappointing.

  • Hood River - Hood river is a great little town. There always seems to be some action and there’s tons of great bars and restaurants.

  • Tamanawas Falls Trail - Good little hike with an AMAZING waterfall. Not only is it 100 feet tall and 400 feet wide but you can actually go behind it - Last of the Mohicans style! It really is a beautiful sight. I went in the evening and was lucky enough to be the only one there while watching the sunset.

Good Places to Work:

  • Coffee House 26 - Very good coffee, nice atmosphere, fast wifi. Tell Amber we say hi!


Mt Hood

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