La Push, WA


LA Push, WA



We’re back in La Push, WA enjoying the sounds of the ocean and the amazing sunsets.

Arrival Date: 2019-04-20

Departure Date: 2019-05-20

Campground/RV Park: Quileute Oceanside Resort

Reason for Visit: We were here last summer with our friends the Berthiaumes and loved it so much that we booked a month long stay not long after. Time flies and here we are.

The rules/laws here are more lax since this is Native American reservation land. 4-wheelers are allowed on the beach along with dogs, beach fires, and fireworks. The RV park is essentially on the Pacific Ocean where we can hear the waves all day and night and where MASSIVE drift wood trees lay on the beach.


Amanda’s mom, Patti flew out to Seattle and took the trek out to the coast with use to enjoy the beach, solitude, and amazing sunsets.


Aysha, Ryan, and their son Enzo are parked next to us for the month so we get to have meals, go for hikes, catch up on GOT together, and most importantly, enjoy the always insightful Enzo-isms only an 8 y/o could come up with.