Florence, OR


Florence | OR

the oregon coast

Upon returning to San Francisco from Ireland we shot down to Sequoia National Forest to meet up with some friends for labor day. The plan was to head up to the Oregon coast but we didn't leave ourselves enough time to get there before we had to get back to work. To make the logistics work we spent 5 days in the Cal Expo RV park-ing lot and then high-tailed it up to Oregon where we are now. It's a complete 180 from Kernville and Sacramento CA. 



  • Siuslaw River Bridge: Pretty neat Art Deco bridge that you can walk across. Great sunset views and view of the massive sand dunes.

  • Hukilau Sushi/Tiki Restaurant: An awesome Hawaiian themed restaurant and bar with indoor and outdoor seating, great drinks and even better sushi.

  • Torex ATV: A legit spot to rent ATVs. They have a wide variety of machines that are all a year or two old and they have direct access to the dunes. No need to tow anything anywhere. These guys were great.

  • Bike Ride on Sand Dunes Road: It’s only about a 6 mile ride to the end (12 miles there and back) but it’s a great relaxing ride among the dunes.