Gift Card.PNG

Look Familiar? Wondering what it is, why we gave it to you and if We're Crazy…

What is it? First and foremost, it's an Amazon gift card. Nothing more, nothing less. Its value is printed on the back of the card on the bottom right-hand corner. Feel free to use it whenever you want on whatever you want from

Why did we give it to you? Because you were helpful, kind, genuine, informative and/or anything else that improved our day and our nomadic experience. So if we didn't say it when we gave it to you, thank you!

Why do we do this (are we crazy)? This idea sprung from a near catastrophic experience we had early on in our journey. We were traveling from Connecticut to New York and were within sight of the Saw Mill Parkway entrance ramp when a seemingly crazy woman started waving her arms and honking at us. Dave, having grown up in New York, immediately thought the person was being a jerk and ignored her at first. He quickly realized there was a problem so he slowed down and let her pull alongside us. The woman shouted at us that we couldn't go on the parkway. We took the last exit at the last second and we pulled over to figure out how we were going to get where we were going. Next thing you know the same "crazy" woman comes around the bend, pulls over, gets out of her Jeep and walks over to our truck. She proceeded to explain that not only do the state police often wait for oversize vehicles, pull them over, make them back up off the parkway AND fine them $5,000 but the overpasses also aren't high enough for many tall vehicles. She then took the time to help us map out a route to where we were headed that wouldn't result in a destroyed trailer or a $5,000 fine. Long story short, a complete stranger went way out of her way to help us. We were very thankful but after she left we both agreed that it would have been nice to have something more to give her than a simple thank you. Hence, the trav.elish Amazon gift card. It's our way of saying thank you and a tad less tacky then handing you hard currency. 

Once again, if we have given you a card, Thank You for brightening our day and our journey.