Review: Our Favorites for Traveling With Pets


If you can't tell from the numerous features of Ozzy on our social media accounts - we love our dog. But traveling with him full time in our tin can home does come with some hassles. Below are some of the things we have learned along the way to make both bipeds and quadrupeds happy campers! (Sorry in advance - we have not found the secret to curing those late night road trip dog farts... will update if magic solution pops up). Disclaimer: we don't receive any kickbacks or sponsorship for the reviews below - these are just apps/things we use and like enough to share!


When that swamp tour or ski mountain just won't let you bring your best friend...

...we go to Rover. Anyone who has had experience with dog boarding and daycare knows it's a process. There's a meet and greet, then a vet check on vaccines and you typically can't do everything on the same day and need to plan in advance. Doesn't really fit with that nomad-we-have-no-idea-where-we-will-be-in-a-week lifestyle, eh? 

Luckily, there is a network of pet loving people all around the country that offer everything from dog walking to boarding for a week while you hit the slopes. There are lots of reviews and ratings to make you feel a bit more secure dropping your baby off and the sitters always send us loads of goofy photos of Ozzy during his stay so we can check up on him! Everyone we have used so far has been amazing and Ozzy usually returns exhausted from endless playtime.

Beer, food, snooze? do it all w/ your pup in tow!

Seeing a new place is more fun when you can bring your pal along, and to maximize that fun, we use Bring Fido to find all of the cool places that dogs are allowed while we are trip planning. They feature dog friendly hotels for those nights when you fancy a night away from the trailer park and local dog parks to cure the dreaded zoomies. We like to scope out all of the dog friendly bars and patios that can be found in every city we've been to thus far!


Happy trails = happy tails

We like to hike. And to find trails, parks and mountains that allow Oz, we use the handy Dog Friendly filter on All Trails. I like the user feedback the most - especially for those hard to find trail heads and parking tips! Plus, you can save your favorites and tag trails for the future :) 


Keep those fleas away no matter where ya' at.

We use 1-800-PetMeds to get Ozzy his tick/flea and heart meds no matter where we are parked that week.  Plus - they always have some coupon or special going to save that precious gas $$,


This one's for all the car haters out there

I love when I see photos of happy-go-lucky dogs with their heads out a car window and tongues wagging in the wind... sadly, that just isn't our pup. Actually, he spent the entire cross country trip from San Diego to Boston anxiously panting. Loudly. So I did what I always do in times of dire need and took to the handy dandy Internet and found this wonderful dog booster seat with reviews from people with similar situations. Nothing says I'm a serious adult like having a car seat for your dog, but in all truthfulness, Ozzy sleeps soundly in the backseat now and we can all catch some shut-eye during long hauls! 

Perfect doggy gate for making a small space smaller!

As the saying goes: when the cat's away, the mice will play! Only in our case, it's an overactive frenchie. This gate keeps him in the front area of our trailer and off of our bed and pillows while we are out. Installation was easy and the gate rolls away while we aren't using it to hide between our pantry and closet area.









Amanda is a coffee addicted, frenchie obsessed, digital nomad. She travels the country in her renovated '88 Airstream with her husband, Dave, and dog, Ozzy. If you don't feed her every 4 hours she can't be responsible for her actions.