We have to admit, we acquired the METALODON in pretty good shape. However, it was outfitted for a family of 5 (+ a dog and cat) and we are a family of 2 (+ Ozzy), both of us with full-time jobs that require some permanent or at least semi-permanent desk space. It also needed some updating in terms of lighting, painting, etc. Not to mention, we wanted to add our own personal flair.  We know we're not the only ones out there building beds and desks, installing lights, adding shelves, fixing leaks, refinishing window frames... The interwebs were a huge help for our renovation projects so we wanted to pay it forward by posting what we could about the work we did, the products we liked, the tools that worked, the snafus we encountered and just about anything else that might be helpful to the novice renovator. If you see something in any of our pics and want more info drop us a line, and we'll get off our behinds and post something if we think it helps.